A Home Away From Home

Tailored for comfort, our accommodations ensure your dog feels pampered, secure and receive tons of love and cuddles!

Our dedicated team ensures personalized care, spacious accommodations with regular exercise and enrichment to keep your pup happy and healthy.

Stay connected with your pup even as you’re away with photo and video updates from us.

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  • Single Night

    Small Dogs (<7kg) — $75
    Medium Dogs (7.1 - 15kg) — $85
    Large Dogs (15.1 - 25kg) — $95

  • Long-Term Stay

    Enjoy 1 FREE night for every 12 nights stay.

    Every 7 days, 1 complimentary shower to keep your pup fresh!

  • Got more than one dog?

    Enjoy discounts if you send more than one dog to board with us.

    Separate Kennels
    5% OFF second dog
    10% OFF third dog

    Same Kennel
    10% OFF second dog
    20% OFF third dog

    Strictly applies to dogs from the same household only.

a sense of belonging

Why Board With Us?

Structured Playtime

From morning playtime to evening strolls, our carefully curated activities keep dogs engaged, happy, and socially fulfilled.

24 Hour Supervision

Our passionate and trained staff treat each dog like family, offering personalized attention, positive reinforcement, and a watchful eye on their well-being.

Home-Like Comfort

A clean environment, and a focus on hygiene, we prioritize the health and safety of every guest when you are away.

Peace of Mind for You

Receive updates and photos, so you can relax knowing your dog is having a blast in a secure and loving environment.

What A Day Looks Like With Us

7.45am - 8am

Rise & Shine

Start your pup's day on a bright note! Our dedicated team ensures a cheerful awakening for your furry friend, filled with gentle interactions, tail wags, and the promise of a day full of excitement.

8am - 9.45am

Morning Playtime / Walk

Once our pups check in, they are welcomed with wagging tails and our dedicated team. 

Our morning program will kick off with a supervised playtime followed by a refreshing walk.

10.30am - 11.30am


Breakfast at our daycare program isn't just a meal; we prioritize the nutritional needs of our canine friends to make each day a vibrant and enjoyable experience. 

Nutrient-rich morning fuel boosts energy, supports metabolism, and ensures our furry guests are ready for a day full of tail-wagging adventures.

11.30am - 2.30pm

Naptime and Rest

At our daycare program, our midday break isn't just nap time; it's a rejuvenating pause for our pups. 

This essential rest period ensures a balanced and fulfilling day, promoting overall well-being.

2.30pm - 5pm

Supervised Playtime

Structured playtime is a blend of fun and purpose. Our team facilitate engaging activities, promoting socialization, mental stimulation, and physical exercise. 

From interactive games to agility challenges, every moment is crafted to enhance the well-rounded development of all pups.

5pm - 7pm

Potty Break & Brushing / Cleaning Up

Our attentive team ensures quick, stress-free bathroom breaks, followed by a refreshing brushing session. It's more than cleanliness; it's a moment of care and attention, ensuring our canine guests feel refreshed and comfortable throughout their stay.

7.30pm - 8.30pm

Dinner Time!

It's that delicious time of day where our team prepares your pup’s meal with much love and care. Have additional supplements you add to your dog’s meal? Let us know and we’ll do it accordingly to make sure your dog receives all the vitamins they need!

And here's the scoop – we've got a special in-house meal plan featuring PetCube's gently cooked range. It's not just tasty; it's a healthy delight tailored to keep your pups at their happiest and healthiest.

Find out more —>

8.30pm - 9.30pm

Potty Break

If your dogs gotta go, they gotta go. We totally understand! Here we bring them for one more potty break before they wind down and snooze for the day.


Time for Bed!

They've had their fill of play, treats, and maybe a bit of mischief. Now it’s finally time for a good night’s rest before yet another day of fun!

Need Transport?

We take care of your dog’s entire journey so you can check that off your list of worries!

One-way | Round Trip
$35 | $60

First-come-first-serve basis

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