Why is it beneficial for my pup?

Why Daycare?

Build Confidence

Join our carefully curated playgroups that match your dog's energy and temperament. Our team uses positive reinforcement techniques to foster confidence, making every interaction a positive and enjoyable experience.

Communication Skills

Our team are fluent in canine body language, ensuring a safe and communicative environment. We prioritize building strong bonds between our team and your dog, creating a trusting relationship that enhances their daycare experience.


Your pup's health is our priority. We conduct regular check-ups upon entry and maintain a spotless environment with rigorous hygiene practices. Clean toys, fresh bedding, and sanitized play areas contribute to a healthy and happy atmosphere.

Rids Boredom

Say goodbye to doggy boredom! Our daycare offers a range of enrichment activities, from interactive toys to scheduled playtime and walks. We keep your dog engaged and entertained, preventing restlessness and promoting mental stimulation.

Mental Stimulation

Our daycare isn't just a place for play—it's a hub for learning! Short training sessions and interactive toys challenge your dog's mind, ensuring they stay mentally sharp and fulfilled throughout their stay.

Certainty in Routine

A consistent daily schedule for feeding, playtime, and rest periods provides the stability your dog needs. Familiar environments and gradual introductions to new elements minimize stress.

The Ultimate Daytime Adventure Awaits

Designed for social butterflies and playful pals, our daycare provides a haven for your pups to mingle, exercise, and thrive. Our structured routines, enrichment activities, and a vibrant atmosphere offer a perfect blend of fun and mental stimulation. 

Say goodbye to boredom and hello to a tail-wagging, paw-tapping haven where your dog can enjoy each day with excitement and joy. 

Drop-off: 8am onwards
Pick-up: By 7pm

What to prepare?

Require overnight stay?

Book a daycare session
  • Single Session

    Small Dogs (<7kg) — $48

    Medium Dogs (7 - 15kg) — $58

    Large Dogs (15.1 - 25kg) — $68

  • Package (9+1 Sessions)

    Purchase of 9x single session to enjoy 1 FREE session

What A Day Looks Like With Us

8am - 9.45am

Morning Playtime / Walk

Once our pups check in, they are welcomed with wagging tails and our dedicated team.

Our morning program will kick off with a supervised playtime followed by a refreshing walk.

10.30am - 11.30am


Breakfast at our daycare program isn't just a meal; we prioritize the nutritional needs of our canine friends to make each day a vibrant and enjoyable experience.

Nutrient-rich morning fuel boosts energy, supports metabolism, and ensures our furry guests are ready for a day full of tail-wagging adventures.

11.30am - 2.30pm

Naptime and Rest

At our daycare program, our midday break isn't just nap time; it's a rejuvenating pause for our pups.

This essential rest period ensures a balanced and fulfilling day, promoting overall well-being.

2.30pm - 5pm

Supervised Playtime

Structured playtime is a blend of fun and purpose. Our team facilitate engaging activities, promoting socialization, mental stimulation, and physical exercise.

From interactive games to agility challenges, every moment is crafted to enhance the well-rounded development of all pups.

5pm - 7pm

Potty Break & Brushing / Cleaning Up

Our attentive team ensures quick, stress-free bathroom breaks, followed by a refreshing brushing session. It's more than cleanliness; it's a moment of care and attention, ensuring our canine guests feel refreshed and comfortable throughout their stay.

7pm Onwards

Check Out

After a Potty Break & Brushing/Cleaning Up at our Daycare, our furry friends are all set for the final activity – checking out and joyously reuniting with their owners!

Need Transport?

We take care of your dog’s entire journey so you can check that off your list of worries!

One-way | Round Trip
$35 | $60

First Come First Serve Basis

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